10 Encouraging Messages For A University Graduate In Ghana.


Social media users has taken to our Facebook page Facebook to give their encouraging messages for a university graduate in Ghana.

This follows was after we asked a question on our page which says; “Drop An Encouraging Message For A University Graduates In Ghana “.

Check out some of their encouraging messages to a university graduate in Ghana.

1. Just go into any venture with possible returns, possibly farming. It fetch a lot. Ask yourself, when a single vacancy is open, how many people would apply which only a few would be contacted for interview with only one person be selected for placement. If you been the lucky one, how much would be paid that would be enough to take care of your needs hence saved? Well anything legit and ethical that can sustain you and help you with the necessary experience to undertake higher jobs, do it. But starting something little on your own, cultivating much of your time and efforts into it could in a few years make you one of the successful persons in your society.

2. The system in Ghana hates arrogance but it promotes respect , humility , and consistency, be humble , and search for a job , don’t admit into evidence in your life people’s history of staying home after NSS , only believe that you are different and begin your search with heaven as the foundation , you are good to go..

3. Is better to have a degree that you don’t need than to need a degree you don’t have People who aren’t fortunate to make it to the university level turns to put up happy comments when they hear university graduates don’t have jobs after graduation but have blindly forgotten all the masses of university graduates working and earning lucrative salaries, To all graduates you will find job and you will be happy no matter how long it takes .

4. Dear honorable graduates, thanks God for your live, some people don’t know how you suffered, assignment,fees, examination stress but when it comes to university graduates matter they’re even make deragotory remarks about it, but I want to assure learn well in your field of study , practical exam or anything, but God knows you before you bought a form to that’s university, you job is real you’re seniors are working,so don’t let people who never attend lecturer.to decive you . when you applied to a institution and they didn’t pick you, applied different one. God will surely hear you ..even a bird on sky don’t lack, how much more.me who’s is image of almighty God, there is a position for everyone in life,

5. Life wouldn’t go as we planned like our nursery teacher told us but I assure you with the right mindset you can still survive this . Get some technical knowledge and blend it with what you learnt from school. Take that weird job , people will laugh at you for sure but a hunter that came home with scars from a lion is better than one that came home with a deer.

Last but not the least , we were all born kings but we might have ended up at the wrong side of the palace but we will definitely find our way to the throne .

6. My encouragement for the graduates is that how many students graduate university per year and how many people go to pension per year.. this means if you graduate from university find yourself something doing not relying on the government thank you.

7. No need wasting time writing application letters and searching for white color jobs. Just think of something you can do with your knowledge and skills and get started.

8. Our system is solely based on abstract learning which renders a graduate useless. Most of them cannot invent a pin. Take advantage of YouTube and learn a skill.

9. Instead of getting the current iPhone, use that money to pay to learn a skill of ur choice. Do whatever u can to learn a trade b4 u graduate. Even if u get a job upon graduation which isn’t mostly the case, a salary isn’t ever enough to solely live on and build a future with. The earlier u start growing ur own business, the better.

Finally but not any less important, FEAR GOD FOR REAL, DONT JUST SAY IT.

10. Your degree is never a waste. Keep pushing and also explore the scholarship opportunities in other countries.

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