10 years old Squatter begs to go back to north after AMA clear occupants sleeping under Kwame Nkrumah interchange


A ten years old boy is facing a big challenge on the street of Accra as efforts by the Sanitation team of Accra Metropolitan Assembly to get Accra clean continues.

Born and raised in the border town of Sampa, somewhere in the Bono region, ten-year-old Ebenezer Opambour was excited about the prospects of visiting Accra for the first time.

But he was left on his own shortly after arriving with his mother who is now mentally challenged leaving the poor boy to face his own destiny.

The Little boy now roams the streets of Accra by day and joins other squatters to sleep at the underbridge of the Kwame Nkrumah interchange at night.

Unfortunately for him As sanitation officers of the AMA stormed the area to clear illegal occupants on Wednesday August 11, and now what he knew to be home is gone as well.

“I sleep under the overhead. My mother brought me from Sampa North in the Bono Region. But now I don’t go to school”, Ebenezer sadly narrated.

When quizzed how he survives, a sad looking Ebenezer revealed he was afraid to be knockout by a car hence he can’t go out there to put up any little hustle and has to be dependent on one Rasta who is also also a hustler on the street and among Squatters evicted.

“I’m afraid a car will knock me down, but my family members are in Sampa North. So Rasta has been giving 1 cedi to buy food”, he explained.

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