16 years old Mohammed Awal: Ejura protestor’s leg amputated For the rest of his life


Be realistic. Your mum would prefer you unemployed than murdered by unaccountable unscrupulous powerful people.

In fact if you come from places like some of us who only are here because of the toil and strenuous struggles of our parents, know that they prefer to watch you struggle in a fixed system than sacrificed with no accountability.

16 year old Mohammed Awal, One of the Ejura police /military gunshot survivors has lost his right leg after surgical amputation at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital this Evening.

Why open fire on unarmed citizens. 6 people shot. 2 dead and 4 critically injured. The security forces are to protect the citizens. Now they are used like programmed machines to manipulate and torment innocent citizens.

These are Citizens seeking Justice for a murdered brother, Macho Kaaka. A brother who want nothing but the best for his country. He was murdered in cold blood.

How do you expect concerned citizens of Ejura to keep calm and all you could do was open fire on unarmed citizens. This is not different from Nigeria‘s Lekki Toll Gate Massacre (#EndSARS). This is pure evil.

This government probably feels threatened by the uprising youth. So they are employing every tactics to silence us but not again. We are breaking that culture of silence.
Ghana deserves better. #FixTheCountry .

He’s one of the victims of EJURA MILITARY BRUTALITIES who just got his right leg AMPUTATED at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi.

Speedy recovery Mohammed Awal…

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