27-year old Beautiful Lady goes missing after Friday All-Night Prayer meeting;More Details


Mary Dzoemeda, 27, is nowhere to be found after leaving her house on Friday 18 June for an all-night prayer meeting at Weija Mile 11. Dzoemeda who was in a hurry to lead the church’s singing band left home as early as seven-thirty in the evening for the program which was supposed to start at Nine-thirty that night.

Dzoemeda never called her family to let them know whether she had arrived at the camp or not until Saturday morning when she didn’t return home after the service.

The family has since Sunday 20 June reported the issue to the Weija police force but Mary Dzoemeda has since not been found after leaving home on Friday evening.

Mary Dzoemeda is one of the devoted Christians in the Dzoemeda family of Weija Mile 11. She is the most vibrant church believer of her family and never has she been absent in any organized Church prayer meetings ever held in her church.

The family thought Mary Dzoemeda was going to the normal church meetings held in her church, but never did they knew the church wasn’t having any prayer meetings on Friday 18 June.

The Dzoemeda family knowing well of Mary’s talent as a gospel singer, did not question her which church she was going because of her frequent church meetings with the Presbyterian Church and neither did the family tried knowing what time she was going to be back.

The family thought she was going to an all-night service from the Presbyterian church at Weija Mile 11, but never knew she wasn’t going there but a different church.

The Presbyterian Church of Weija has not for June 2021, organized any prayer meetings but the Dzoemeda family assumed Mary was going there because of her affiliation with the church.

No one knows which church service she went to, and all efforts trying to communicate with her team of singers have proven futile because none of them, was invited to the said program Mary Dzoemeda went on Friday Night

Mary Dzoemeda has since her childhood days been a vocal member of prayer all-night meetings and never has she ever been absent from a known all-night service whether it was been organized by her church or other church. And because of this, she normally gets contract from different pastors and church leaders to come and perform at their all-night events.

Mary Dzoemeda never charges for any all-night events she attends and that has made her very known to pastors and event organizers. This is not the first time Mary Dzoemeda is going on such programs without telling the family the name of the church, because it has become normal to them knowing her talents as a gospel singer.

All the family knew was, she was going to be back before the Saturday morning after leaving home the Friday evening, but Mary never showed up.

The family realised she was missing when all her numbers failed to go through. None of Mary’s known numbers has been able to be reached since Saturday morning and neither has her close friends been able to know where she is.

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