28 years old pregnant woman Josephine who went missing inTakoradi found alive but something is wrong with her


Off late the alarming rate of happenings and incidence of kidnapping, killings for ritual purposes just to mention a few is rapidly becoming a menace in today’s Ghana and if the right steps are not taken may become a normalcy. Growing up, this was something we barely heard off or saw happening.

Children used to gladly play outside with their peers and got back home safely but today adults go out to visit friends, families or attend to their private businesses and the next thing you see on social media is “MISSING PERSON”, or  “HELP FIND A MOTHER/FATHER/ SISTER/BROTHER ”.

Children go to school and don’t return back home, they go to the play grounds with friends and don’t come back. What culture of fear is building up? How did we get here as people?
What is happening?

The 28 year old pregnant woman who was kidnapped in Takoradi has been found. She is currently at the Hospital. The  kidnappers kept her for over 5 days. A few days ago, the Western Regional Police Command began a search for a missing 9-month pregnant woman, Josephine Panyin Mensah, who is yet to return home after leaving home on the dawn of Thursday, September 16, for a dawn walk in Takoradi.

Reports suggest that the missing pregnant woman has been found at Axim. However, something evil has happened to her. She can’t talk at the moment and it’s not known as to whether her kidnappers used some form of force to make her dumb.

She currently responds to only sign language and written words. This isn’t the first time kidnappers have carried out the nefarious activity, sometime back they kidnapped the Takoradi girls and killed them. Nigerians were behind this and this wouldn’t come as a surprise if their are found to be involved in this crime.

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