House Agent beaten to near-death for taking money and showing fake house


Mr. Mwengi Lard, a Zimbabwean housing agent has received an excruciating beaten of his life for showing a dilapidated apartment to one Mr. Bongani a business man.

Narrating the story to Zimbabwe pulse, the victim said Mr. Bongani On Monday 14th of November 2021, contacted Mr. Mwengi(victim) to help him get a 3 bedroom flat to rent at Masvingo city of Zimbabwe .

Mr Bongani paid 75 zimbabwean dollars out of the 150 dollars the victim charged.

 Mr Mwengi showed Mr Bongani few apartments in the city Masvingo of which Mr Bongani rejected  all the  offers claiming they were below his standard.

 Mr Bongani however demanded for a refund of his money of which Mr Mwengi refused to give him back.

This resulted in a misunderstanding between them which was settled by onlookers around, however on Thursday afternoon, mr Mwengi was in his office when Mr Bongani  break into his office along with 4  other men and a woman to ransack his office. When Mr Mwengi the victim made an attempt to resist, Mr Bongani and his team started beating him with sticks and left him near to death in his office.

Mr. Mwengi said he has reported the Issue to the zimbabwean police and is receiving treatment at the hospital.

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