9 year old Girl in Nigeria set a big Supermarket on fire, Goods worth 12 million dollars reportedly destroyed.


A nine year old girl has shocked the whole Nigeria by setting ablaze a supermarket.

The Giant Shopping center known as Ebeano Supermarket was reportedly razed down by fire.

Ebeano Supermarket is one stop shooting joint inside Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

CCTV video has thus revealed how the whole incident began.

From the video, the nine year old girl in black top and down came inside the big supermarket around 7pm local time all alone.

She was seen walking directly to a portion which contain LPG cylinders and a lighter.

She took the lighter and watched around to see nobody was watching her and set the portion of the big Mart on Fire and left as though nothing has happened.

Viewers simply can’t believe their eyes as to how a Nine year old girl can do something as sacrilege as this.

Video below.

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