99% of the Men Joyce Mensah Slept With Are HIV Positive, Details drop


-Joyce Dzidzor Mensah was a former HIV ambassador

-She later denied ever being HIV positive

-Upon her return from Germany, she did a live HIV test which was said to be Positive

Former HIV/Aids ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has revealed that about 99% of the men she slept with or dated are persons who already have Humman Immune Virus(HIV) and did not contract it to her.

Joyce whose role as an ambassador for HIV stigmatization had to end her contract with the Ghana Aids Commission on a rather controversial note.

At a point Joyce Mensah denied ever being HIV positive as she made the public to believe, she said she was only recruited for a job as posing as a person with the virus but in actual sense she wasn’t.

Fast forward, she relocated from Ghana to Germany and there she delivered another child.

Days ago, Joyce Mensah while back to Ghana organized press men and took an HIV test on live streams, bizarrely it came out as Positive which seeks to contradict her previous stand of not being positive.

One of the men Joyce Blessings exposed sometimes back for having HIV

It has been a back and forth with her HIV status casting doubt in the minds of people if she is to be taken serious.

In a recent interview, Joyce Mensah has revealed that almost 99% of the men she dated knew she had HIV and she also knew they are also HIV positive patients.

She said she knew the dangers of not informing people when you know your status so those that she had things doing with knew her status and she knew theirs hence people should stop peddling rumour that she went about spreading the virus something which is criminal offense.

Full details of what she said is captured in the video below

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