A Look At Why Nandi Madida Dissolved Her Marriage With Husband Zakes Bantwini.


Zake Bantwini and his wife Nandi Madida are South African couple celebrities who has come a long way with their relationship and have served couple goals for many relationships.

One would have imagined that the duo was so much in love and would not just give up on anything for each other but it didn’t happen that way.

Zake And Nandi Realised In 2020 That They Are In A Wrong Marriage Contract.

The couple got married on 8th June, 2018. Due to miscommunication between the couple and the officer in charge of registering their marriage, they mistakenly signed on agreement they were not intended to do.

This said agreement was all in relation to their properties, as to how they were going to claim full ownership to each and everyone’s property which was their initial plan before marriage.

After being together for four years before they realised the marriage contract was registered wrongly when doing a review of their personal financial affair.

To cut everything short, the couple opted for the change of marriage contract which will require a long process and lot’s of money, instead of Dissolving their marriage so that they will remarry again if they want to.

As a result, they sent an affidavit to the high court signed by both of them to change their marriage contract to “Out of Community of Property” contract, which will allow each and every to claim full ownership to their various properties individually.

Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida Are Not Getting Divorced.

Despite all the back and forth of the marriage contract issues, the power couple still held onto their relationship and did not dissolve their union.

Also, they have not given any indication of doing that as they are mostly spotted serving their couple goals.

Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida has been blessed with two children, a boy and girl respectively.

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