A pentecost elder is responsible for my pregnancy; Joyce Dzidzor Mensah finally mentions names


Pregnancy is a freaking journey! During pregnancy, many pretty much stood off social media. Many had to tell you all how they felt about the current world situation. Pregnancy just sucked for a lot.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah few posts will touch on her trails and tribulations she experienced during pregnancy to hopefully help other women or give them strength. Not only that she has also disclosed who impregnated her and to the surprise of many it is a Pentecost elder.

It’s become obvious that Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is confused about who is responsible for her suspected pregnancy. She had earlier announced that a Catholic Priest in Hamburg was responsible for her pregnancy but this evening she is making attributions to another man.

According to her, she has been very intimate with an elder of the Church of Pentecost who is resident in the UK since 2013. Named Mr Darko, Joyce Dzidzor shared some fond memories they’ve had ever since they met. 

In such confusion about who might be responsible for the pregnancy, Joyce Dzidzor hopes that a DNA test could help settle matters. She indicated that despite the fact that she had earlier named the Catholic Priest to be responsible for the pregnancy, Mr Darko is not giving up on her. 

Below is her Facebook post

“Because of the attitude of some Ghanaians, people will forever keep their status to themselves.
Anytime I post something, you will read things like Joyce God will punish you for spreading a disease and killing people.

Do i look like I have a disease?
I don’t have what it takes to infect anyone of a disease and I don’t have anything that kills people. If i have anything that kills people, the children that grew in my womb should be the first victims.

This man here we have been having on and off relationship since 2013 . He lives in Milton Keynes and a Pentecost church elder. He organized an HIV program that brought me to milton Keynes and we fell in love at the airport.

He flies from UK to my destination when we want to be intimate.
He is ready to throw his support for me. I’m not a monster. I only came to educate you. As it is now this unconfirmed pregnancy is between the catholic Priest in Hamburg and Mr Darko in UK. Mr Darko says he still loves me and I can post him
For now, only DNA will choose the right father. You can call me Queen Solomon.”

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