Abena Korkor dull after receiving increased dosage of drugs following her latest bipolar episode.


Recently, Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is just a gentleman known to be the head of Ghana’s information Ministry, but the Real information minister Ghanaians wouldn’t love to miss her address is Abena Korkor, in fact the job she did recently is beyond that of any Information minister in the history of Ghana

The former TV3 Presenter was sacked by the media house after dropping nudes of herself which TV3 doesn’t deem fit to associate their brand with but that seems to be just the first episode of a possible Bipolar Disorder.

Just days ago, She has been opening keys on some top Ghanaian celebs including those who are expects in Tafrisking, the manner in which she comes live doing her things has got many asking if she is suffering from any form of disease.

Abena Korkor

She displayed many symptoms of not being too well whenever she comes live to drop another bombshell and now a video available in her her instagram handle proves all is not well with her at all.

She can be seen looking dull and her caption of the video indicates it is as a result of increasing dosage of drugs. Sadly she also revealed she gets only two hours of strength within a whole day.

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