Abesim footballer who killed boys cooked their flesh to eat; more revelations


Nowadays in Ghana, there is one painful story that has sent shock deep down the backbone of Ghanaians. A 28 year old Richard Gyamfi who lives in Abesim in the Regional Capital of Bono Region was reportedly apprehended for commiting manslaughter.

Per the news that was disseminated in all media channels, Richard murdered human beings and chopped their body parts inside his fridge. The day he was nabbed, some of the lifeless corpses were lying on the floor ready to be cut and stored in the fridge.

It was disclosed that, Maxwell was using the flesh of these human beings to cook which implies he is doing cannibalism.

This dastardly act is very unusual in the country and it’s odd of its kind. But days after his arrest, a lot of disclosures have been spreading in the media space.

Day in and out, there are new testimonies coming from the home of Richard. He has commenced stating names of people as to how they are related to the murders.

A traditional ruler of Abesim has also come out to say something odd. According to the ruler, those closer to Richard made them understand some time past that his demeanor and what he was displaying showed that he is not psychologically strong.

In addition, he posited the family told them Richard is mentally retarded but they didn’t follow up to do anything concerning treatment and that has led to the unusual murders of these noble souls. This issue is very crucial and painful.

This new disclosure from the chief will definitely not set Richard free. Well, the case is still in the hands of the police and inquiries are still ongoing but the most important part of it is that, it shouldn’t be as a yardstick to delay justice.

Again, telling Ghanaians that he is mentally challenged shouldn’t be that because he is not sound, anybody he mentions his or her name must go scot-free but rather evaluate them completely to churn out what they know about the case through the intellect of the police.

We pray everything goes on successfully so that justice for the dead will prevail.

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