Abronye in Trouble as Twene Jonas Respond to him after saying He is Homeless in America


-Abronye speaking on Oman FM said Twene Jonas is homeless in America and should not be listened to

-Twene Jonas has responded by saying he’s richer than Abronye and can take care of him and his family.

Twene Jonas has finally reacted to an earlier statement Chairman of the Npp in Bono East Region made about him saying he’s Homeless and sleeps at train station in America.

Kwame Bafo aka Abronye DC had earlier revealed that Ghanaians should not give Twene Jonas any sort of attention because he has no place to sleep and he is only using his live videos to make money from Ghanaians on social media.

Speaking on Oman Fm in Accra, Abronye said he knows where Twene Jonas comes from in Bechem as he have no room in the bechem town and was perching in a family house.


Well, it looks like thi message truly got to Twene Jonas and he has taken time to react to Abronye DC.

In his response, Jonas said he is richer than Abronye and can cater for him and his family.

He said persons like Abronye should never be any close to political power because they are clowns and add no value to the country.

Twene Jonas was quick to add Chairman Wontumi who is also the Ashanti regional chairman of the ruling NPP saying no single excavator of his has been destroyed yet he is a Galamsey kingpin.

Twene Jonas said a lot of stuff in this particular video you must watch.

Video below

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