Afford yourself before you talk about men that can’t afford you

A lady has dished some words of advice to women who feel entitled to being taken care of by men who show interest in them.

A Twitter user shared a photo of a lady holding a cardboard which said that women need to afford their lifestyles before they start talking about a man being unable to afford them.

The words read; ”Afford yourself before you talk about men that can’t afford you”

As expected, the post went viral and stirred controversy online as men and women shared their thoughts.

See the post below..

Reacting, @IsaacNewton_PRS said; Nope! That good ass could take you to Dubai if you use it wisely

@EmmanuelKChauk2 ;Tell them, we are tired of the ladies who want to depend on us. We want to enjoy our money

@AsekaNdaba; I always say this, never love a lifestyle you can’t afford

@Matema_; Aowa then what would be the point of entering into things with them?

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