Afia Schwarzenegger blames hypocritical Ghanaians over whatever Moesha is going through


Afia Schwarzenegger has tabled a whole set of blames on Ghanaians for being part of whatever might be happening to Moesha.

While some believe Moesha’s repentance is legit, others have also raised concerns about her mental health as some deem her action to be going off track.

If not for nothing, on social media it’s public knowledge Moesha Boduong has a good relationship with the daughter of Afia Schwarzenegger Pena and has shared moment with the little girl on countless times.

This perhaps reveals the good relationship between Afia Schwarzenegger and Moesha Boduong.

In reacting to the issue, Afia Schwarzenegger blames Ghanaians especially some of their colleagues in the media for the media for the needless trolls they trolled Moesha Boduong when she announced her repentance.

She questioned what is the crime in someone repenting and was quick to add that should anything happen to Moesha, Ghanaians like Akrobeto should take the blame.

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