Age is just a number: Here is the 22 years old lady who married a 100 years old man: love is beautiful


Several people think that love is actually blind, and it is extremely beautiful when you find the perfect partner to share your appreciation with. Age is just a number, Love knows no age and it has nothing to do with ethnicity, race or physical impression, when love is natural anybody can do anything to maintain it.

Wonders shall never end and this world is full of anxieties, and as long as we are still staying  we are bond to see things that will make us marvel how it has managed to happen. Sometimes we do some things to satisfy our needs, and sometimes we just do it because it is our heart desire.

Read this is incredible story of 100-year-old man, Katte and a 22-year-old lady Indo Alang from Indonesia. Both couple pull a string by getting married in style to shock their friends and family. It was reported that the man was a fighter during his youthful days in the Dutch colonial era, this is just to give you an idea of how old he is.

Reports states that the beautiful young lady comes from a poor background. Their love story began when the man met with her family and told them his intention to seek their daughter’s hand in my marriage.

At first they refused as expected because of their age differences but after the man had made several promises to the family to assist them financially, they agreed and they handed over their daughter’s hand in marriage.

In fact, the wedding was held at the lady’s family house in Wajo, the central Indonesia region of Sulawesi. Both families were in attendance, and it was a low-key wedding without inviting much people. Both of them were happy to have tied the knot, the only shock of the wedding is the age difference which they should be able to handle effectively.

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