AKA Allegedly Wants His Rolex Back.


New gist being revealed shows that, AKA have requested for the expensive Rolex watch he bought for Nelli.

According to reports by Sunday World, Mr. Tembe, the father of Anele has hired a private investigator to fish out more circumstances that led to Nelli’s death.

In AKA‘s statement he released few days ago which he stated that Nelli committed suicide, the family has refused to take AKA’s word as they suggest something mystery led to Nelli’s passage.

This called for the hiring of the investigator by Mr. Tembe to uncover all the hidden circumstances.

According to sources, AKA is not happy about the decision of the family trying to dig out something so he could be blamed for the untimely death of Nelli Tembe.

Therefore, it is allegedly that AKA wants the expensive Rolex he bought for Nelli back.

What everybody is waiting is for AKA to speak out as he had promised to do so.

For now, he is off the limelight as he is trying to recover from all the accusations and trolls.

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