Akuffo Addo Is Listed As One Of The Most Highest Paid President In Africa


The President Of Ghana, Nana Addo Is Listed By DW-Africa

The Lists Contains African Politician And Their Salary

As Revealed President Nana Addo Is Part of The Most Highly Paid

DW Africa’s report on social media platform Facebook, seems to suggest that two of the most highest paid African Presidents are in West Africa.

These two are non other than the President of Ghana his excellency Nana Addo Danquah and his Nigerian counterpart Buhari.

The lists Names Paul Biya of Cameroon as the most highest paid whiles Nana and Buhari also made it to the list.

Although in the list, the actual earnings weren’t disclosed, it is creating the negative impression that African leaders are living lavishly whiles the Masses here suffer.

Then also they quickly rush to the European countries for loans upon taking these huge salaries. This and many more reactions from Ghanaians reveal they are not pleased with the system.

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