Akufo Addo is not worth dying for, I destroyed my car to campaign for him for nothing


Broadcaster Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah has fired President Akufo Addo with yet another post on Facebook saying he is not worth dying for and thus he destroyed his Tundra for nothing.

Okatakyie during the era of Nana Addo in opposition campaigned for him and he has never been shy if admitting he is an NPP member.

But after Nana Addo took over as President as some of the things that has happened under his watch, the former Presenter at Hot Fm in Accra has revealed he regrets supporting Akufo Addo.

The President has come under fire in the last few days with attempt to pay his wife and that of the Vice President with support coming from Parliament.

Mr Akufo Addo campaigned on the back of protecting the public purse and being incorruptible but that is another story for the gods with numerous corrupt scandals hitting his government.

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