All you need to know about Serwah Broni, and why she is trending


Many have encountered a new trending name “Serwaa Broni” in today’s surfs. She is in the trends on twitter and the Daily Post also reported her story. The lady who is new to many Ghanaians is alleged to be the side chick of the first gentleman of our land, H.E. Nana AKuffo Addo.

Serwa Broni in her account mentioned names, not just names but very big names, she mentioned locations, dates and even time in some instances. In fact, she gave a vivid and sequencing account. And paramount of it all, she dared Nana Addo to sue her in Canada court and she will be ready to provide every proof.

I told you point blank that you staged my robbery and that was when you realized I knew about what you did and admitted. That was when I started recording you, and you were foolishly apologising – Serwa Broni.

It’s been three days the video dropped and the loud silence from Nana Addo and all those mentioned is worrying. Anaa obaako suro?

There are many pictures that have made the claims relevant all over the web. Some wonder how she can get so close to the President if she wasn’t such an important figure in his life, whether the news is true or not. Here are few of the pictures.

In her story, she said the President gave her GHC20000 to keep her from sharing certain vital information to the public about the affair. Hopeson Adorye, with the national security boys, staged a robbery to steal the cash back, on the orders of Nana Akuffo Addo.

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