Alpha Conde reportedly caught fever as Mamady Doumbouya is sworn in as Head of State, His hopes of reinstated by ECOWAS is quashed – Unconfirmed reports


If Alpha Conde had any iota of hope to be reinstated by ECOWAS,  such hopes have evaporated into thin air following the official swearing in ceremony of Lt. Col. Mamady Doumbouya as Head of State.

Alpha Conde, according to eyewitness accounts, reportedly caught fever that shook him vigorously as he watched the inaugural ceremony.

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In effect, Conde wanted to die in power like his predecessors, Presidents Ahmed Sekou Toure and Lansana Conte. For Conde to languish in prison till he takes his final breath as a prisoner is most unbearable.

Alpha Conde created the impression that the destiny of the people of Guinea and the country were tied to his own life. Now,  it has become crystal clear that the country can sail through without him.

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The colourful swearing in ceremony attracted several distinguished personalities from across the country. It’s not clear whether Conde would still prefer to languish in prison following this latest development.


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