Alpha Conde survived a coup and assassination attempt before Doumbouya uprooted him like cassava; he is still refusing to sign his resignation letter


In the year 2011 in the month of July, there was a coup and assassination attempt on the President Alpha Conde’s life, the presidential palace where he resided in was fired on, resulting in the demise of a presidential security guard and the wounds of two others; Condé, nonetheless, made it through the allegedly assassination attempt.

An ex army chief and a partner of the presidential guard were apprehended hours after the two raids on his home. In a general address, the President later communicated to the country announcing that “My house was attacked last night, but I congratulate the presidential guard who fought heroically from 3:10 until 5:00 before backup arrived.” He also posited that his proposals for reform would not cease to function.

Massive arrest was effected three days later at least 41 soldiers were apprehended for the assassination try. An official explained that several of those captured had links to the country’s earlier military leaders.

The United Nations acknowledged by announcing that there was a tremendous necessity for military reforms in Guinea. The UN Special Representative for West Africa, Said Djinnit, explained that the attack exhibited “weaknesses remain in Guinea’s defence and security systems [and] reinforces the UN’s determination to support the country’s military reforms. I saw the damage, the attack was  clearly intended to eliminate the president.”

Fast forward to 2020, Condé endured strong protest during week-long protests and violence in which many citizenry were killed until Doumbouya came in.

The president of Guinea, was overthrown after military ransack the presidential palace in Conakry and dissolved the government. Alpha Conde came to power in December 2010 under a two five year term limit. Pursuing love for power, Conde pushed through constitutional modifications in March 2020 that would facilitate his run for a controversial third term.

Guineans in their numbers marched to the streets to resisted against the illegal revisions where dozens of them were assassinated by the armed forces. Conde’s overthrow by Doumbouya and the coup in Guinea should serve as a lesson to African leaders hungry for leadership who want to molest their constitutions aiming at staying in power.

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