Alpha Conde’s Defense Minister arrested by Doumbouya, faces corruption charges


It’s so sad that sub Sahara Africa has no pride. Not because the citizens are not pride of themselves, but because of greed, corruption, abuse of power the continent is not wealth living.

We live in this continent where majority of the citizens are to be law abiding, yet they haven’t seen a copy of their own constitution before, neither these rights are being taught in schools.

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Information emanating from the corridors of power within Guinea has it that he was apprehended on the evening of Tuesday, September 28, at the airport in Conakry as he was getting ready to flee the country.

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Ousmane Gnelloy Diallo, before the uprising was the most avowed critic of the opposition parties in Guinea, for this earned him prestige and won favours from the Alpha Conde government until it collapse.

The current information coming in has it that the de facto defense minister is wanted on corruption charges, his lawyers have learned.

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Analysts say Osmane’s arrest substantiated thousands of political activists elsewhere in Africa doing nothing but drawing salaries from the state days are numbered.


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