American gay rapper Lil Nas who is pregnant and due to deliver explains how he got his name; God must be sad


American rapper Lil Nas X has explained that when he was inexperienced he wished being gay was just “a phase”. In an interview with CBS, the Old Town Road hitmaker warns he realized as a youngster that he was gay and would “would just pray and pray” that his sexuality “would go away”.

He is also a rapper and a music writer, he bears the real name of his Montero. Recently, he released a song called ”Call me by your name” in which he became popular with it but he lost most of his fans because in the music video, he gave Satan a lap dance which his fans found it offensive

He disclosed it himself to the public that he is a gay, this also made him lose another set of fans and gained others. However, let’s get started with the main reason why we came here.

The artist name of the American rapper is Lil Nas X and am going to tell you the meaning of the name. The Lil means little, the Nas means nasty and the X means transformation. Put the meaning of the words together and see what the name means and what he is trying to call himself.

This means he is a Little Nasty Transformer who has transformed into a gay, that’s the meaning of his name. Even though he is a gay, most people still love him and wants to be like him.

Lil Nas X Releases His Much Anticipated “LGBTQ+” Album “Montero”

You can watch the video below

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