Another lady declared missing, phone tracked at same location Andrew Amaechi lived


A lady identified as Goodnews Fakae who was reportedly the gym instructor of Organ harvester, Andrew Amaechi has been declared missing.

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In a post by Harrison, he revealed Goodnews went missing somewhere in March, weeks before Afiba and Celine also went missing.

According to Harrison’s post, a relative of Goodnews was unable to follow the case due to financial demands by the Woji Police Station where she reported the incident to.

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The only progress they made on the case was to track Goodnews’ phone and it was found to be at Aba, the same place Andrew used to live before he was killed.

He revealed before Goodnews went missing, she posted Andrew on her Instagram page but when she got missing, it was discovered that the post has been deleted.

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This raises suspicions that Goodnews has been a victim of Andrew before Afiba and Celine fell into the same trap, unfortunately, the public didn’t hear of it because the police didn’t continue the case and now that Harrison has revived it, we hope they get to the bottom of it.

Harrison wrote, ‘’A Gym instructor, Goodnews Fakae @instructor_goody, who is based in Portharcourt, Rivers State has been missing since March, 2024. The sister said she reported the case to Woji Police Station Portharcourt but due to financial demands, she could not continue searching for her sister.”

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“She said they tracked her Number and it was located somewhere in Aba. @instructor_goody happens to be Andrew Ochekwo’s @blacksheepgroup GYM instructor in Portharcourt and she once posted Andrew’s on her instagram page and also tagged him.”

“Her friend checked @instructor_goody page and discovered the Andrew post has been pulled down. I WISH TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF THE @nigeriapoliceforce and Rivers State Police Command to this case and assist the family in ensuring the safe return of Goodnews. ANYONE WITH USEFUL INFORMATION SHOULD PLEASE REACH OUT. FULL DETAILS ON THIS LATER”

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