Antonio Rudiger spotted at the beach with his fans in Sierra Leone, Identifies with his African roots


Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger is currently being hailed as a true son of the land, after the star landed in Sierra Leone a few days ago to launch his foundation.

Many have commended him and described his initiative as a laudable feat. The manner he identifies with his African roots can be seen in his actions.

This guy has proven he was raised with well table manners and listened to his parents hence his decision Rudiger to give back to his people.

Had he chosen Sierra Leone he would have became a national hero deep down he knows. But with Germany he chose well his future is secured with regard to money. As for the status he would have acquired had he chose to represent Sierra Leone would have been out of this world.

In a video sighted by Cbgist the gentleman seems to be happy with his fans and people at the beach.

You can watch video below

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