Any Man Of God Who Takes Tithe Is A Thief; Avraham Ben Moshe Tells Ghanaian Pastors


Contribution of ten percent of their salary to the church monthly should be done

Avraham Ben Moshe has labelled pastors who take Tithe as thieves

The holy books say God loves a cheerful giver, hence believers are taught to give a portion of their salary to the church which is used to cater for the needs of the pastor.

Whiles some believe this monthly requirement is in the old testament and shouldn’t be complied with, others continue to uphold this sacred duty having in mind it’s spiritual benefit of making them prosperous.

An atheist who has avowed that there is no God is still disputing writtens in the holy bible and has used some harsh words on pastors who take tithes.

Avraham quoted old testament scripture to buttress his point and stressed that those who follow foreign religion deems it an insult when you tell them the truth.

They also insult traditional worshippers and everyone has the right to believe what he wants.

Paying of tithe according to Avraham Ben Moshe is teachings taught by thieves.

You can watch the video below

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