Any man that sends Money to a girl using iPhone 12 is not wise” – Reno Omokri


Former Nigerian Presidential spokesman Reno Omokri has said Any man that sends Money to a girl using iPhone 12 is not wise

In simple terms, it is foolish for men using a low budgetary Fones to send money to a lady using a flagship fone such as iPhone 12.

According to the writer and controversial social activist, men should be wise not to be splashing money on ladies with love for material things which does not generate income for them.

Reno described ladies with sophisticated phones and are in the habit of asking young guys for financial assistance are ‘marketers’ and only trying to take advantage of the guys.

According to him, any man who falls for their trap thinking he’s special to them is a fool. Taking to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, he wrote,

Reno is known for his criticism of President Buhari and some unpopular opinions about marriage and responsibilities.

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