“Are You Both Lesbobo Partners”-Netizens Question Mzvee and Sister Deborah


Some social media users have questioned the sexuality of Mzvee and Sister Deborah after the singer shared a picture of herself and her colleague Sister Deborah.

In what looks like a promo picture meant for an upcoming video, Mzvee was standing closely looking into the eyes of Sister Deborah who was masked.

The closeness if the duo and the pose has made others to question of the two are more than just friends.

Weeks ago, when issue of homosexuality took over Ghana’s social media platforms, both Mzvee and Sister Deborah were among some Ghanaian celebrities who said they wouldn’t care if Same Sex Marriage is legalized in the country.

This was met with backlash from some followers but the award winning singer Mzvee and Model Deborah maintained what two adults chose to do behind close doors should be their own issue once it does not affect their next door neighbors.

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