Armed robbers arrested including one serial caller of a political party


The Five were a gang of eight picked up by residents following a heavy exchange of ammunition which lasted for close to two hours. From our sources stationed in that part of the country, the armed robbers were armed with Ak47 and M5.

Our security expert stationed close to the theater said he can identify other weapons other than Ak47 by the sound of it. According to him, he fears the level of sophistication in an armed robbery in Ghana today.

He said something urgent must be done to determine who usually gives such weapons to the criminals. Meanwhile, the police are looking for more suspects to apprehend in addition to the three currently on the run.

Weta junction in Ketu North is becoming notorious for arm robbery in recent times. Reports say three major robberies occurred in filing stations there last year.

Extended report from an eyewitness below.

Hello, yesterday at midnight, rain of terror was visited on Weta junction, an 18 years boy from Keta teamed up with robbers from other towns and carried out a sophisticated armed robbery at a Lotto firm headquartered near Weta Junction.

The robbers infiltrated the compound using a fake fuse which enabled entry without precaution from the security who was armed with AK47.

Upon entering the compound the robbers find things difficult when they meet their meter. What I am trying to say is the armed robbers meet people in the compound equally armed to the teeth.

Bullets and shootings were like toys everywhere, almost everyone was shooting until the robbers gave up and flew, which got them arrested and handed over to the police.

So far two casualties were registered after the operation, the security man and the mother of the lotto firm. One of the robbers is identified as a serial caller of a political party. However, investigations, are ongoing.

However, they are all responding to treatments in a medical facility.

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