Ashanti Men are weak in bed, Because they have smaller manhood; Afia Schwarzenegger reveals


Afia Schwarzenegger has once again made some controversial statement about men from different tribes

There has been a lot of public mockery on the institution of marriage. Many no longer believe in love or marriage. Secrets that emerge in marriage can be harmful to the home, especially when you realize your spouse deliberately kept something from you so important and major. Trust issues emerge.

Always trying to make comments deemed controversial to gain public attention is what sometimes makes celebrities here in Ghana. Afia Schwarzenegger had revealed some secrets about men from different tribes that she has slept with.

Controversial Ghanaian actress and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger aka Fufu funu, is refusing to let her fight with Twene Jonas die off. Schwar has taken the fight to a whole new level as she has involved all Ashanti men, apparently.

Afia Schwarzenegger has said that Ashanti men are weak in bed because their manhood are not big enough! She revealed she had experienced Northerners and Ewes and can vouch that they are very good in bed, but not the Ashantis.

In addition, the loudmouth celebrity described northerners as having sweet manhood which is really enjoyable in bed. It is always strong and capable of giving a lady orgasm.

She Opined that ” Ashanti men are weak in bed and when they are brushing it, they will ask have you released?

You can watch the video below

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