“At 23 you shouldn’t be so worried about your future, Just do your best”- Netizens reacts to the At 23 challenge


Netizens has reacted to the At 23 challenge going on Twitter.

The trend has more than a million people tweeting about it. Some are sharing their achievements and most people are giving good advices in the trend.

For, some people, it is unnecessary to start such trends since it will put unnecessary pressure on some young lads.

In Dr. Dipo’s opinion: “There are many 35-40 years old winging it and just coasting. Guess what, some will discover themselves at 45. Some, even older.

At 23 you shouldn’t be so worried about your future. Just do your best, invest in your future, get as much education, experience & skills as possible.”

See more reactions from the trend below;

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