Prophet Badu Kobi’s daughter Jessie Kobi blast Ghanaians for calling his father a Fake Prophet


Prophet Badu Kobi has been trolled in the last 48 hours widely on social media for his failed prophecies on the Copa America Finals and Euro 2020 finals.

In two separates instance, the popular Ghanaian preacher made a prediction of which he claimed he was inspired by God saying Brazil will again Argentina while England will win against Italy respectively.

Interestingly, none of his predictions came through

Some Ghanaians based on the above videos are subverting Badu Kobi to massive trolls upon which Kennedy Agyapong has also blasted him for his utterances saying, Badu Kobi looks like someone who should be cleaning his shoes.

It looks as though these trolls has gotten to one Jessie Kobi a supposed daughter of Prophet Badu Kobi.

The young lady has since been brutally responding to people who says her father is a fake Prophet saying if Ghanaians have any sort of frustration, they should pour it on those using states monies to pay their wives and not her father.

Even those using our national coffers to pay their wives are free. They should use their energy to fight for their future. Don’t they know that one doesn’t live here forever? They speak as if they own you or they called you. No matter the economy of the forest the lion will never eat are a lion . They can call you all they want . I love u basaaaa. You remain my father for life!! Humility unmatched . I know what you carry. If not for you I should be dead. If they know a little of my story they won’t tell me what to do with my own page!! My father ride on forever it is only death that will prove truth to many and by then it will be too late. Let them call you all they want. But for me you remain the man for the season.

She has gone ahead to share separate post on her wall which are vile reaction to trolls directed at her father.

She has since restricted post on her page of which if you are not in her friend list, you can’t view what she shares.


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