Aubrey Qwana Biography – Unmasking the Real ‘Molo’ Singer.


Aubrey Qwana is a South African singer who keeps his lyrics focused on true-life stories and lives a very personal life style.

This is mainly because, the ‘Molo’ composer had gone through a lot in life and tries to express himself through music.

One thing we all know about Aubrey is that, after his debut single ‘Molo’, he has not gained massive prominence in South Africa music for a long time but works hard with great songs.Also, he mostly keeps his private life off social media.

However, here are couple of interesting things to know about the singer.

Brief Profile Of Aubrey Qwana.

Real name: Aubrey Qwana

Age: 28 years

Date of Birth: 2nd April, 1993

Place of Birth: Ulundi, KwaZulu-Nata

Home town: Ulundi KwaZulu-Nata

Nationality: South African

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Rapper and Producer.

Aubrey’s Background, Upbringing and His Music Career

The talented South African singer was born on April 2nd 1993, at Ulundi KwaZulu-Nata.

Unfortunately, he lost his mother at a very tender age of 12 years, so one would imagine how he lost most childhood memories with a mother.

According to him, his mother inspired him to do music as they both used to listen to mbaqanga and maskandi music.

Information about his father and siblings are not known yet.

However he is known to be a child of Pastor parents whose believe was focused on both tradition and God.

Aubrey’s Accident THAT Almost Took His Life.

The rapper once involved in a fatal accident that almost took his life, what most people will say, if not God’s intervention.

He was with his manager, Celimpili Manyarhi who was driving them to an event in his Mercedes Benz C-class.

Fortune smiled on them as they were able to escape from the summersaulted car before it burst into flames.

Aubrey Qwana Gained His First Recognition In 2018.

He started as a rapper at age 15 in 2008 but got prominence in 2018.

At a point in time, he quit music to focus on education and have a glimpse of what the corporate world feels like.

His songs can easily be related to by anyone who listens to his lyrics as they are personal and touching life experiences.

Also, his style of music cuts across, from RnB, Maskandi, Arna Zion and hip hop.

One interesting thing about Aubrey is that, according to him, he does not see himself as a celebrity but rather a pastor who has a purpose and a message to spread through music.

Some of Aubrey’s Most Popular Songs Are Listed Below.

• ukiss

• umendo

• molo

• Ngaqonywa

• Ngicel ubuye

• Ngakwenzani ft. Emtee.

Among all his popular songs, ‘Molo’ is the biggest hit.

It surpassed over 4 million views on YouTube in less than a year after its release.

Aubrey once got emotional and broke down in tears on stage when he realised his songs had gone viral as the crowd sang word by word.

Despite his passion in music, Aubrey is also a certified graphics and fashion


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