Avram Ben Moshe explains the real meaning of the name Bawumia, as he labels Vice President Bawumia as a very Wick3d Guy


Social Commentator Avram Ben Moshe has thrown some shots at Vice President Bawumia and even went ahead to give a detailed meaning of what the name Bawumia meant.

In a short snippet of a live video he did, Ben Moshe said Bawumia means oppressing People in hardship.

This was in reaction to an earlier report about how government was making moves to pay the First Lady and second lady to the equivalent of cabinet ministers.

The Akufo Addo- Bawumia led government has come under fire in the last few days after news broke that parliament have accepted and passed a bill to pay the wife of the President and this salary will date back to 2017 when Akufo Addo took over as President.

Even though the explanation was that the payment is not only limited to the current First Lady but will include all other former First Ladies, the whole move have been met with backlash especially on social media.

Naadu Mills wife of late President Mills is reported to have rejected any move to pay her a salary while Mahama has also criticized the move saying his wife will not be paid.

It’s not clear whether government will go ahead with the move.

Here is the full reaction from Avram Ben Moshe


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