AY’s 20 years marriage is ‘crushing’ over common cheating


AY, also known as Ay Makun, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter, writer, producer, and film director. He is married to Mabel Makun, a Nigerian interior designer.

Recently, there have been reports about their 20 years marriage facing challenges, which AY confirmed on his Instagram page.


“Many people believe that staying silent simply means that one is incapable of dealing with issues. Projecting negative Narrative against someone who is not struggling to defend himself doesn’t mean his weak. Some of us are just logical enough to understand the difference between opinions, values, beliefs and facts”, He said 

AY explained that he chose not to respond to the media accusations because he doesn’t want to air his family’s personal issues publicly. He wants to protect his daughter’s mental health and ensure that she doesn’t come across these negative things on the internet.

“The personality and ability that I possess simply confirm that I have reach that stage in my life where I can not be entertaining the public with deep personal family issues.”

“They just might be too much to handle concerning the individuals involved. Not even when I have a grown up daughter who has access to social media. Her mental health needs to be protected from seeing things she can’t not be proud of online”, He said 

AY expressed his frustration with people who hypocritically point fingers at him while portraying women as victims who always come out on top.

“Yes! Without compromising my family . I have found myself doing somethings I’m not proud of today. It is on thing to watch my friendship / Marriage of 20 years slip off my hands, but it’s another thing for the parties involved to understand how appropriate the blames in a space designed for women to always play the victims and win. I can tell you for free that no one is completely innocent enough to cast a stone.”

“Presently I’m loving the way that lies about me In all blogs are traveling faster than the truth. But my painful truth will eventually beat all lies away”, He added 

The rumors circulating about the reason for their marriage failure are that AY was involved in marriage infidelity, which allegedly led to his wife treating  so many STIs.

With rumors about their impending divorce, Mabel Makun has dropped hint on Instagram, “Distance is my new response to disrespect, I don’t argue, I don’t react , I don’t dive into the drama I remove myself”, It read

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