‘Bad news for Alpha Conde as he is billed to stand trial’- Colonel Mamady Doumbouya wants him to answer for the atrocities committed under his tenure


Doumbouya on the other hand, seems only to have training in military and defence skills. He has had mission experiences in Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, and Central African Republic. He’s also had training in close contact protection from Israel. He and Conde are from the same Malinke ethnic community.

He is married to a French woman, who serves in the Gendarmerie in France. He was serving in the French foreign legionnaire at the rank of a corporal, when Conde invited him to return to Guinea to head the Special Forces. Conde sped his promotion from corporal to Colonel within two years.

He has been asking for autonomy for the Special Forces from the Defence Ministry, but wasn’t granted. He was accused of being responsible for the very human rights abuses he is accusing Conde of.

Last year when Conde changed Guinea’s constitution so he could run for a third term, the people of Guinea opposed the decision, took to the streets to protest. Conde used military force to suppress the protests, and some citizens were killed and opposition politicians arrested and jailed.

Doumbouya and a few others have been cited for sanctioning by the European Union for their part in the repression that resulted in death of citizens.

Fast forward to this day, information emanating from the corridors of power within the Guinean military has it that Doumbouya wants to prove his innocence whiles detaching himself from the brutalities meted out to Guineans.

Terrible news for Alpha Conde as he is warned to stand trial. According to sources with the availability of information, Mamady Doumbouya expects him to answer for the excess horrors perpetrated under his tenure.

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