Arnold Baidoo teases Shatta Wale, posts original jeans and price amid fake jeans troll.


Ghanaian entertainment activist, Arnold Baidoo fearlessly invites Shatta Wale to the boxing ring by revealing the actual price of a jeans he claimed to have bought it €40k.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, a popular Ghanaian showbiz analyst has proven to be the only one to man-handle Shatta Wale after their clash.

In a couple of weeks ago, the presence of the two on United Showbiz raised a lot of comments and opinions from viewers of the show as they almost exchanged blows on live TV.

Arnold claimed Shatta Wale is an inconsistent and confused artist in Ghana, Shatta Wale on the other hand also decided to prove him otherwise which called for the clash.

Right after the show, some photos and videos of Arnold and Shatta having a good time were seen trending, which was an enough proof that they’ve now squashed their beef.

However, Arnold seems not to be done with Shatta yet as he deliberately calls for another beef by exposing Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale flaunted a DSQUARED² tagged jeans on social media as he revealed the huge amount of money he spent to buy the jeans.

Arnold also took to his Facebook page to expose Wale by posting the online price of the jeans Shatta claimed to have bought it more than €40,000.

Another difference revealed by Arnold showed ‘2’ added to the name to make it (DSQUARED2), whiles Shatta’s own was raised to the power 2 (DSQUARED²)

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