Ban on use of ‘Aboboyaa’ is in the right direction – DCOP Martin Aryee

Commanding Officer of the Central Motor Transport & Traffic Department (MTTD) DCOP Martin Aryee has expressed his support for the ban on tricycles popularly known as “aboboyaa” on highways in the Greater Accra Region.

The said law spearheaded by the regional minister, Henry Quartey is expected to take effect from November 1, this year.

Interacting with host of PM Express, Evans Mensah, he explained that such a law is timely as it would help reduce the number of road carnages recorded in the country.

“We are all Ghanaians. We know the havoc the motorbikes as well as the motorcycles are causing on our street. I think any intervention that comes to let us less the accidents we have on our road is welcomed. I am not to say whether the Minister has done a right thing or not but we all agree that these motorbikes are causing so much nuisance on our roads.”

Therefore, stated that “this ban on the use of aboboyaas on the motorway is in the right direction.”

DCOP Martin Aryee used the platform to urge residents in the capital city to embrace the initiative to help save lives.

“I feel that we must all welcome it and ensure that it actually works,” he admonished.

Although some individuals such as DCOP Martin Aryee and Chairman of the Roads and Transport Committee, Kennedy Osei Nyarko believe the ban is essential, the Minority in Parliament have opposed it stating that the processes to ban tricycles is unconstitutional.

On the show, Ranking Member on the Roads and Transport Committee, Governs Kwame Agbodza earlier submitted that “the legislative power of the country only resides in Parliament under Article 93(2). What had been given to the local authority to do is not envisage to be parent law makers, they are to make bye-laws.”

He argued that reasons provided to rid the highways of tricycles have not been substantial.

“I listened to the Regional Minister talking about majority of aboboyaas in this country don’t have insurance and other things. Of course, even if a Ferrari is driving on a motorway without insurance, it is going to be taken off. So what is the specific thing about Aboboyaa.

“Far more people die in vehicular accidents than on motorbikes and everything. We know that. Nobody should make it look like Okada or aboboyaas are the major causes of accidents anywhere,” he stated.

He warned that the country will be plunged into chaos if this initiative is allowed.

According to Mr Agbodza, many other regional ministers would want to take cue from Mr Quartey, thereby, confusing citizens on the many restrictions and limitations they would have to adhere to.

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