Barely 24 hours after the overthrow of Alpha Conde, diminutive musician Grand P has announced his interest to run for Guinea’s presidency


ALMOST, 24hrs after Guinea President Alpha Conde was deposed and apprehended by the country’s military, Billionaire Tycoon Grand P now Announces Interest In running for the Presidency.

The 29-year-old said he is the prospective president of the violence-stricken country. Grand P has since announced that the well-decorated and voluptuous fiancee, Edoxie Yao will be his First lady.

Grand P has been traced with Special Forces near the Conakry state house which is now under commander, Lt Col Mamady Doumbuya. Well, his African Kim Kardashian anytime soon may become a first lady of Guinea Conakry.

There was a president in Guinea who was buldozing the Constitution and changing terms to suit himself. AU and ECOWAS never said anything but as soon the soldiers came, they are condemning the soldiers. Which constitutional rule should Guinea return to?

The one that Alpha Conde has been manipulating? Advice the presidents first before you condemn the coup makers. No one should hijack democracy as Alpha Conde was doing.

The whole AU/ECOWAS thing doesn’t make sense. The same Africa politicians go and form  consortium there to protect their personal interests but not that of the masses.

Lt Colonel Mamady Doumbouya aka Dialo, commander of Guinea special forces is the man who just took over after military coup in Guinea, locking up president Alpha Conde.

As the United Nations and Nigeria, the region’s dominant power, denounced any usurpation by force, the elite army unit’s head, Mamady Doumbouya, announced “poverty and endemic corruption” had driven his forces to remove Conde from office.

“We have dissolved government and institutions,” Doumbouya said on state television, covered in Guinea’s national flag and encircled by eight other armed soldiers. “We are going to rewrite a constitution together.”

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