BBN Ifu Ennada Cries Out For Being Called a ‘Clitopreneur’ Despite Her Hard Work


Reality TV star Ifu Ennada has lamented over the hateful and hurtful comments of netizens referring to her as a ‘Clitopreneur’ despite all her hard work and dedication to her job.

Ifu Ennada shared her pain in a post after going through comments on a blog and realized that almost everyone hates her and are even referring to her as a ‘Clitopreneur’ even though she has shared her hard work and growth on the gram.

Ifu Ennada lamented over the fact that she shows her process and works on the gram a lot and most of the people who follow her know how hard she works but then the comments she stumbled on this blog are so hurtful with most coming from women.

According to her, no matter how legit your work is as a woman, you never get the kind of respect accorded the male counterparts or perhaps these people just hate her even though she doesn’t recall doing anything wrong to anyone to attract all these.

Adding that women are hardly respected in this part of the world and it’s even worse when you’re young and doing good for yourself as most people are always quick to give you an imaginary sugar daddy glory for your own hard work.

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