BBN Uriel Tongue Lashes IG User Who Told Her She Is Due To Own A Hermes Bag


Reality TV star Uriel Oputa, has responded after an Instagram user told her she is due to own a Hermes bag.

The comment came after she dropped a video of her rocking an orange bag. The user felt that as a celebrity she needs to upgrade her bag collection with some luxury items.

Baby girl get Hermes. It’s due time” the IG user wrote

Responding, Uriel wrote

”Let me interrupt my food post. Firstly I will never be bullied into a life style I can’t afford. I love my Zara bag which was £50 and I also own Lv bag worth £1,800 which was a gift

I also own a primark bag £8. I will never live my life for social acceptance never. Who the are you ? It’s due time?

 Abeg don’t keep tabs on me because tomorrow I go even buy bag from balogun Market. And yes I go still price am. 34 million on a Bag. Na fam my business mind could Never) that bag better sing Igbo Gospel songs

Period imagine the audacity

I can’t afford a Hermes bag because I’m broke, but because a Hermes bag is not my priority.

Damn we should have a choice. Hermes will come when I want not when you want.

Boo Ogiri everywhere”

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