BBN Vee Taunts Her Boyfriend Neo After He Bragged About Boarding First Class


Reality TV star Vee is just a wahala girlfriend who decided to make fun of her boyfriend Neo after posting and bragging about boarding first class and also trying to rhyme.

Neo tweeted a photo of himself in an airplane and decided to play around with words saying he was never the top of the class but today Grace has put him in first class and his girlfriend Vee has just made fun of him with her reply.

Vee replying to that mocked Neo saying his next post is going to be something like he has never met Jet Li but today grace got him a jet adding that if people like they should talk its none of their business with some laughing emojis.

Vee then encouraged her boyfriend Neo to enjoy life and not bother himself about what people might think or say about him after making fun of him for trying to rhyme with his post which he actually did very well but it looked so childish.

Vee and Neo have been dating for a while now and they both make fun of each other when they deem it fit hence she making fun of Neo’s rhyming post is nothing new but confirms the fact that she’s a ‘troublesome’ girlfriend who makes fun of her boyfriend.

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