BBNAIJA 2021: Housemate Yousef dragged for saying his students usually have crushes on him and “thank God he’s not a ‘pedophile’”


BBNAIJA season 6 2021 housemate Yousef dragged on social media platforms for a comment he made about his students crushing on him.

While chatting with Ebuka before making his way into the Big Brother house, Yousef introduced himself as a teacher who’s going into the house to not only secure the bag but also find his soulmate.

In course of their discussion, when Ebuka asked Yousef about his students and if they’ll be surprised to see him on the show, he then responded that maybe they might be, but he knows that some of them had crushes on him and that “thank God he’s not a pedophile”.

His comment hasn’t sat well with a lot of netizens online as they feel it wasn’t necessary and as such, is being dragged online…

Here’s what some people are saying below,

Yousef needs to go home tonight.

Yousef: “All my students have a crush on me ”

Parent at home looking at their child that attend the school Face with rolling eyes..

You guys should not push any narrative against anybody. This guys just entered.

You can see that what Yousef said was just stage pressure. Drop that useless agenda please let’s not clash very early.

Show never start and yousef don dey use him hand destroy him destiny.
Him aunties for him papa side no dey play. Rolling on the floor laughing

Yousef is another reason why you should always resist the urge to shalaye.

Is this Yousef guy ok? Not like I know who he is. But is he OK? Is he mad?

Which kain nonsense talk be that nah. “My students are having a crush on me”. You be pervert? Yousef, come on!!

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