“Be Genuine, not just mere words” – Sad Lewandowski reacts to Messi’s 2020 Ballon d’or statement


Polish Striker, Robert Lewandowski has finally made his feelings known after loosing out on the World Best Player award (Ballon d’or) to Lionel Messi.

The Bayern goal poacher admits it hurt him so much to come close to winning the award only to loose out on it.

Speaking how close he came to scooping the award in a tight race with Lionel Messi, Lewandowski pays homage to the Argentine magician in the first place before stating emphatically to be able to come toe to toe with him is a sign of his current level as a footballer.

“To be so close, to compete with Messi, of course I respect how he plays and what he has achieved. The mere fact that I was able to compete with him shows me the level that I was able to reach.”

During the awards ceremony, Lionel Messi touched on the fact Lewandowski deserved to be given the 2020 Ballon d’or which was canceled due to the nagative impact of Covid-19.

But Lewandoski isn’t taking any of Messi’s mind games and fired straight to the him he will like the statement to be genuine and not mere words.

“I’m not that enthusiastic about getting the 2020 award, I would like it [Messi’s 2020 Ballon d’Or statement] to be a sincere and courteous statement from a great player and not just an empty words.” Lewandowski added

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