Be more Responsible at home to avoid the increasing societal problems – IGP to fathers


The Inspector general of Police James Oppong Boanuh has attributed some if the increasing rate of crime in the country to all fathers who failed to be responsible towards the well being of their children.

According to him, the failure on the part of some fathers to guid their children has resulted to them hitting the streets where they end up becoming notorious criminals.

“We need to nurture our children to be of good behaviour. Today, it is common to see fathers ignore their financial responsibilities. It is therefore not surprising that the attention given to Father’s Day is not as much as that of Mother’s Day.” The IGP said

He also raised another point that most of the criminals available in the country now can be attributed to the increasing level of broken homes their parents failed to sort out.

He then advise fathers to sit up and be more responsiblein order to solve some of the problems we are facing currently in the society.

“Most of the serious crimes that we witness today can be attributed to the increasing rate of broken homes. It is about time our Fathers become responsible, this way, a number of societal problems will be solved,” he added.

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