‘Be nice to everyone’- How a woman lost bank job after doing this to security man


An attitude problem meant that a woman who was on the verge of getting a bank job lost it.

This was revealed in a tweet shared on Twitter by a Nigerian lady named Chidiebere based on first-hand knowledge she obtained from a security guard who also happens to be her friend.

According to her story, the lady went for a job interview, and during the procedure, the security guard we mentioned earlier wanted to talk to her, but she disregarded him because he had nothing meaningful to say.

Unbeknownst to her, the security guard had the oral interview questions that may have helped her get the job, but because of her terrible behavior, he handed it to someone else.

That other job applicant was eventually hired.

Chidiebere wrote; ”A friend of mine who is a security man at a bank narrated to me how a young lady lost a bank job, because she felt there is nothing useful he will say. But all along the security had the oral questions of the interview she came for.

After two attempts to speaking with her didn’t work, he just handed it to another person who after the interview got the appointment.”

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