Beautiful Lady buys costly dress from shop; stranger pays all her bills without seeing her


People are still going good no matter how hard the world is becoming to find people with golden heart.

A very beautiful young lady, Ashonti Ford, shared a motivational story about how she was helped by someone who never even waited to see her after the generous act.

In a LinkedIn post, the lady said she went to a boutique in San Juan to spoil herself. Ashonti said she shopped at the store despite how expensive it is.

She said after trying on five different dresses, she picked one. Before she could come out of the dressing room, the stranger she had just met paid for all the five pieces.

What surprised her most was that the person left her a note that read

The lady said she broke down crying as it is not every day one meets someone who does something without wanting anything in return.

As a way to pay the kindness forward, Ashonti donated the $150, she wanted to spend on the dress to four homeless people she saw while going back to her hostel.

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