Becoming a homeowner made easy – It only happens at the Ecobank JoyNews habitat fair!

With discounts, giveaways, and free transport, among others, offered to prospective homeowners at the Ecobank/JoyNews habitat Fair at the Accra International conference centre, becoming a homeowner is now.

The 12th edition of the Fair has brought together 80 exhibitors who will be aiding patrons to either buy, choose to build or renovate their existing structures.

Lands are available in several locations, housing estates are available with packages to meet your needs, and home accessories ranging from security locks, lightening, paints, roofing and many more are available.

With this in mind, why go through the hustle and bustle of roaming in town for building materials. The five-day Fair will give you ample time to get all you need with ease and with discounts too!

Marketing Manager at Lakeside Estate Isaac Ntiamoah assures, “regardless of the amount of money inside your pocket, you can purchase a house at the estate, and I can give you a house, not more than ¢400,000.”

All your paint needs will be solved with a visit to the stands of PI TECH INC. Operations manager Adams noted, “we have so many varieties to choose from. We have acrylic paints, wall putty to help protect your wall from damps and also to prevent your wall from falling off.”

Global lightning also has a 25 per cent discount on its LED lights as well as lighting accessories. Marketing and Sales Manager Nicholas Sowatei prides in the fact that they have “everyone covered.”

He adds, “we don’t compromise on quality, and so all our products are safe for the Habitat Fair, we have a 25 per cent discount for our patrons.”

One of the country’s leading designers and manufacturers of furniture and joinery, Furnart, offers affordable, quality and customised furniture all for your comfort.

Yobent Security Doors will be transporting anything patrons buy free of charge to their destination.   Sales and Marketing Manager Richmond Amankwah Okyere further adds that their doors are sure to provide maximum security. 

He added, “any finishing that you want we will give it to you.  We have waterproof metallic furnishing, doors, fibreglass and wood furnishing.”

Rans Amoo of Special Gardens Estates wants patrons to know that they have “features like playgrounds for kids, luxury clubhouse, digital fitness centre, garden area and a water garden in their estates.”

Mr Amoo says he is sure anyone who purchases a house from them will be a pleased homeowner. And the best part of Special Garden’s offer is a 50 thousand dollars discount on all.

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