“Beef Alert” – Da’Hammer issue strong warning to Arnold Baidoo


We could be inn for another dramatic moment as legendary Producer, Da’ Hammer of last two fame send some strong warnings to Arnold Baidoo.

Hammer in reaction to the dispute between Shatta Wale and Arnold defended The SM man and condemned an earlier statement made by the UTV panelist Against Shatta where he labeled him as Confused and Inconsistent.

Hammer’s long Facebook not received some subliminal shots as a reply from Arnold but the producer isn’t ready to watch a young boy drug him in the mud thereby hitting back.

Arnold’s reply to Hammer.

In his new write up again via a Facebook post, Hammer warn Arnold not to ever try taking shots at him and just accept that his comments against Shatta was a way of disrespecting his hard fought music brand.

What even caught the attention of many us that Hammer used a fish image alongside his new write up instead of any photo of Arnold just like Arnold also used an image of The producer promoting his A1 bread in a subtle way to say he should stick to his bread business.

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